Abraham Maslow’s Pyramid

Basic needs are met for a person to survive and function. Some elderly usually can not meet their own needs. So they usually seek out help from family members or health care providers. Basic needs from the lowest to highest are:

  • Physiological Needs – breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, oxygen, elimination and shelter are needed in order to survive
  • Safety Needs – The elderly wants to feel safe from harm, fear and danger. They feel more safer and protected when you communicate and explain to them step by step about each task that you are going to perform be it : geting them out of bed, giving them a shower, brushing their teeth, combing their hair etc etc..
  • Love And Belonging Needs-  Showing love and affection
  • Esteem Needs – By encouraging them to do as much for themselves helps increase their self esteem. and you must always treat them with respect.
  • Self – Actualization – To become everything that one is capable of becoming