I have lost 2 of my bosses/patients in the space of 1 year apart from each other.As a caretaker the month of June brings me great sadness(cause they are no longer here with me) and joy(I am grateful to have had the pleasure to have known them and to reminisce on all the good and bad times we had together). In June 2013 my boss died, I was her caretaker for 5 wonderful years. Then June 2014 I lost my other boss/patient, I was his caretaker  for over 9 months. But regardless of the length of time be it  long or short you become like family to each other. I miss both of them dearly. I often think of both of them as my guardian angels looking down from up above upon me, guiding and protecting me.

Rest on my dear loves, Rest on,

xoxo Shavonne

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